Vegetarian for a week #1

I know I’m a bit late to the party with this one, but seeing this week that there now over half a million vegans in the UK (a rise of 360% in the last 10 years) got me thinking, and I want to have a go to see how hard it is – how much you can eat in restaurants, whether I’m tired all the time and how much bacon and cheese I really get through.

I think going straight to being a vegan is extreme for me and the way I eat, so decided to try a week of being vegetarian – mostly out of curiosity, and reassurance that I can still have cheese.

The lovely burrata and courgette dish at Naughty Piglets

I’m a fairly big meat eater, steak is my death row meal and I find it hard to think of meals that don’t revolve around meat. I’m thinking of it as an opportunity to be a bit creative with cooking my faves, and hopefully discover some new dishes, ingredients and restaurants.

So it starts tomorrow, all vegetarian, no fish, no meat. Wish me luck!

A lazy week in St Lucia

My mum has been wanting to go to St Lucia for about the last 20 years.. no reason in particular, she liked the look of it all that time ago, and decided that one day the three of us would go for a week of girly time, and pretty much eat, drink rum and lie down in the sun a lot.

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The Barn: Holloway Road

Brunch is fast becoming my favourite meal, and I love that there are so many options and that breakfast no longer needs to be based around sweet and sickly foods that are based around pastry, or huge greasy fry ups – although obviously they have their place. I’m not one of the avocado brigade but there’s definitely something to be said for a fresh, vibrant start to the day, and The Barn, Holloway excels at it.

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Carioca Brixton: A smug weekend brunch

Like most of the population I love a good brunch. On the one hand, I think it’s lovely at the weekend to wake up not hungover – the older I get the more I appreciate not having the pounding head, stuck-together mouth and vague sense of dread – the money spent, ridiculous things said, people offended, weekends gone – and the less fussed I am about missing huge drinking sessions.

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Suvlaki: Greek street food in Soho

Suvlaki is a little Athenian grill on Soho’s Bateman Street, run by Athenians (always helps) who manage to create a warm, friendly atmosphere while keeping it all casual. And completely delicious. It’s been open since July last year, and I’d had my eye on it for a while but hadn’t quite got round to it, saturated as the Soho eating out market is, and given my propensity to go for the same thing every bloody day – must stop this.

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Senor Ceviche: Kingly Court

This post is long overdue, and I was going to say that after Christmas when you’ve been scoffing non-stop for a month (and well into January) it’s nice to have something fresh and light that’s still packed with flavour while not being remotely salad-like. But actually there’s no excuse or reason needed for a bit of ceviche, and Senor Ceviche has some of the best.

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It’s fairly obvious to anyone with eyes that there’s no shortage of burger joints around town, particularly in areas like Soho where the concentration of eateries is congested to say the least. I’ll be honest and admit I would never order a burger on a mixed menu, mainly as I’ve had so many that are rubbish, one in particular springs to mind, from a stand at the fireworks display in Brockwell Park last year. Dry, overdone patty, bland, not-so-fresh bread and that’s all there was to it. I know trading to thousands out of a box in a park when it’s 2 degrees constitutes extenuating circumstances, but plenty of others manage it excellently.

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Boneyard: Shoreditch

I’m going through a serious rib phase… I never used to like them as thought they were always chewy and stringy, with hardly any meat, just bone and fat. Since being educated by the Foxlow shortrib a while back, I seem to be ordering them more and more, and was very happy to be invited to Boneyard to feast on some of theirs.

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Lima Floral & the Crees Foundation: a tasty partnership

Who doesn’t love a Peruvian restaurant? Big fresh flavours, bright colours and creative combinations, it’s high on my list on favourite cuisines. A huge fan of Covent Garden’s Lima Floral since it opened, I was more than happy to drop by and sample a brand new dish, created with saving the Amazon in mind.

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