Our gift to you – a bag full of Mr Shericks!

You might have read about Mr Shericks’ shakes before. They are thick, luxurious, delicious and unmissable. Good job then that they’re giving away a whole cool bag full of their most popular flavours!

mr shericks


Pot Au Choc is rich and full of actual pieces of Belgian chocolate, and Cookies ‘n Cream is thick vanilla shake with chunks of chocolate cookies.

The first time I had Mr Shericks I made cocktails with them, which gives the shakes a whole other dimension.

To enter either:

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We will pick a winner on Monday 12th December and your cool bag will go out straight away.

Good luck!


Levi Roots Caribbean Smokehouse

I was fortunate enough last week to be invited by The Food Sauce  to Levi Roots’ ‘rastarant’ in Westfield Stratford, to eat my way through the menu, meet the man himself and get an insight into the differences between Levi’s venues and other Caribbean places. He was so lovely, and the food was immense – a pretty good evening all round.

levi roots

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The Parlour, Canary Wharf

I tend to be a bit wary when it comes to big chains – it’s hard to maintain quality and personality on a big scale, which I remember reading was why Bone Daddies are looking to keep to just a few, something I can respect. But Drake & Morgan I’ve always found to be slightly different. Yes they are huge, and have recently become even bigger through buying tired City drinking group Corney & Barrow. But each venue has its own personality, the staff aren’t drones, the decor is fab and the food delicious (minus one very beige platter at the Folly once).

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Raw, lots of vegan & all delicious: Rawligion

When you ask John Tabatabai how he’d describe himself, he looks thoughtful for a moment – a trailblazer perhaps? A maverick? His response: “A lunatic probably.”

Tabatabai is 2 months into his first restaurant venture, a stressful time for any restaurateur but perhaps more so for the beginner. “I’ve never run a restaurant before,” he admits. “Working with operations, people, managing all the separate aspects and bringing it all together – it’s difficult. But I believe in it so strongly. It’s the opposite of what I was doing before.”

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Milkshake Heaven with Mr Sherick’s

I first tried one of Mr Sherick’s shakes whilst hungover at an event by The Food Sauce. When you’re slightly shaky, a bit knackered and bloody starving, there is little better than a thick, sweet shake packed with creamy deliciousness and the added extra bonus of little bits of lovely brownie, meringue or biscuit. The good news is that they are equally good when fresh and sober, as I discovered this week.

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Vegetarian for a week #2

What a good few days! As a card carrying carnivore, this was an interesting one, but a week with no meat has been much easier than expected, and actually really good at times.

Minus one annoying dinner at Blacklock where even the chips are not veggie (beef dripping, mmmm..) and I had half a sweet potato and some kale, I’ve done work dinners, cooking, snacking and food tours (part of my job) with no real problem.

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Welcome to the greedy business of feeding Franklin. Get in touch with any thoughts and enjoy the blog!