Delicious Dim Sum at Royal China

As Chinese restaurants go, there’s no doubt you’re spoiled for choice if you live in London, delicious options including favourites Silk Road and Mama Lan.  This time we plumped for one of the posher options with a beautiful lunch at Royal China on Baker Street, who were also kind enough to share the recipe for their delicious pork puffs. Happy days!

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Gravy-soaked everything at Dip & Flip

I’ve never bought into the dry January/detox thing – what a rubbish time to do it! I had a boss a few years ago, a lovely guy called Roger, and he always did dry February instead, on the basis that January is miserable enough already without the bleak prospect of lentils and no booze. It’s something that’s kind of stuck with me, and in that spirit ( albeit in early Feb) me and Ian headed off to Dip & Flip in Brixton, home of meat, gravy and other lovely things.


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Palatino: Beautiful Roman Dishes in Clerkenwell

Stevie Parle is not short of decent restaurants; Dock Kitchen, Craft, Rotorino and most recently Sardine, a lovely little southern French place, founded with Alex Jackson. Seemingly on a bit of a roll, Stevie has smashed all his previous high points (in my opinion) with Clerkenwell’s Palatino, a lovely take on simple Roman specialities.


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Levi Roots Caribbean Smokehouse

I was fortunate enough last week to be invited by The Food Sauce  to Levi Roots’ ‘rastarant’ in Westfield Stratford, to eat my way through the menu, meet the man himself and get an insight into the differences between Levi’s venues and other Caribbean places. He was so lovely, and the food was immense – a pretty good evening all round.

levi roots

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The Parlour, Canary Wharf

I tend to be a bit wary when it comes to big chains – it’s hard to maintain quality and personality on a big scale, which I remember reading was why Bone Daddies are looking to keep to just a few, something I can respect. But Drake & Morgan I’ve always found to be slightly different. Yes they are huge, and have recently become even bigger through buying tired City drinking group Corney & Barrow. But each venue has its own personality, the staff aren’t drones, the decor is fab and the food delicious (minus one very beige platter at the Folly once).

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