Four to Eight: Covent Garden

There are a LOT of restaurants in Covent Garden. Hundreds, I worked on the marketing for one at one point, and it can be really difficult to stand out and an extremely tough sell. There’s a lot of good food, some inspirational chefs, stellar service and some beautiful venues. Fortunately new Italian Four to Eight on Catherine Street encompasses all these and has leapt into the best few in the area.
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Holi at Cinnamon Kitchen

Swirls of vivid colour, squeals of laughter, delectable Indian treats and heavenly cocktails can only mean one thing; the House of Holi is back! For the uninitiated, Holi is the Indian festival of colour, when families celebrate the arrival of spring by covering each other in brightly coloured handfuls of powdered paint – and very welcome it is too in a chilly, not-quite-spring London.
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Spicy sriracha salmon

I love salmon with hollandaise, salmon hot smoked with dill dressing, salmon in pasta and creamy sauce, and probably one of my death-row meals; smoked salmon in a hot bagel with a huge wodge of full-fat cream cream cheese (diet products have no place on my favourites list) with lemon and pepper.  On seeing huge, pink, juicy salmon fillets at A.M Fishmongers in Brixton, I fancied something a bit different – a bit spicy, fresh and preferably low-cal (yawn) due to impending holiday and wedding.
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Slow cooked beef shanks

I love a juicy display of gorgeous meat and couldn’t resist the enormous beef shanks on a recent wander through Brixton market. I also grabbed some cheap red wine, potatoes and veg to throw together into a rich, slow-cooked stew perfect for a cold Sunday. The shanks are big slabs of beef surrounding a section of the leg bone with all the lovely marrow still in, and these are from A.M Butchers on Atlantic Road.
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