Angels & Gypsies: Camberwell

I stumbled on Angels & Gypsies whilst passing through Camberwell, and was intrigued – the area isn’t somewhere I’d normally head as a destination, but this place looked lovely. Its the restaurant of the Church Street Hotel, and the theme runs throughout – the seats are old pews and there’s stained glass on the walls. It was pretty quiet for a Saturday lunch and I grabbed a coffee – a very good cappuccino.


I pretty much looked at the menu out of curiosity – I’m meant to have stopped eating out, to save money and get thin for the impending wedding.. but the menu was so unexpectedly enticing I couldn’t resist.

I decided on pan-fried pumpkin with habenero and thyme, and a salt cod frittata with homemade guacamole. It seems to be small, tapas style dishes but with a bit of a Mexican twist. The pumpkin was perfectly cooked, I’m guessing in butter with the chillies in the same pan – the heat was certainly there but it was gorgeously warming rather than blow your head off. The crispy piece of thyme was the ideal garnish.


The frittata was fluffy in the middle with a lovely golden outside, and salty chunks of the salt cod were generously spread throughout. It was chewy but soft, with the cod flavour packing a punch. The saltiness complimented the eggs perfectly, and the two dishes together were heaven.



The guacamole was clearly freshly made, and was chunky which I love. Bit too much onion for me but still very good with the frittata.

The waitress was very helpful with my dithering around deciding whether to eat or not, and explaining bits of the menu. Very glad I stopped in here, do pop in if you’re in Camberwell.

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