Brockley: love a good market!

It was a fairly sunny Saturday and left a Tough Mudder widow (I honestly offered to go and watch), I decided to go and find somewhere new to get some treats. Brockley is about half an hour from me and I’d heard great things about the little food market, so off I went on the bike to have a look.


It pops up in the car park of Lewisham College every Saturday and is packed full of artisan bread and cakes, fish, meat, cheese, charcuterie, plants and a few food trucks.  It’s completely unpretentious and all the stallholders were friendly and welcoming, explaining everything and handing out taster. So far so good!



One of the first things to catch my eye was one of my faves – the Cheese Truck! I discovered these awesome toasties at Turntables a few months ago and had an amazing melty chorizo one to mop up all the mulled wine.


I had in mind a bit of a mish-mash dinner of some good cheese, some sort of saucisson and maybe a little pie or two (complemented by the absolute plethora of pickles and condiments in our fridge) and for these I was spoilt for choice.  Mons Fromager and Flavours of Spain had fabulous cheese selections and I came away with a variety. I love cheese that comes wrapped in thick, waxy paper, it’s feels like such a treat when you unwrap it – a stark contrast to hacking into one of the dull selection of vac-packed bricks in the tiny supermarkets round this way.


I also grabbed some cured sausage – one fennel and one garlic and rosemary, both lovely. This was about 5 hours ago and there’s really  not much left. I haven’t cooked a delicious continental feast, or carefully sautéed them in slices and then used the gorgeous, fragrant red oil for something equally delicious – nope, just been hacking bits off every time I pass the kitchen and stuffing them in my mouth. Same with the cheese.



I also got a proper Melton Mowbray pork pie and a chicken, leek and bacon from Hartland Pies  – these are somehow still whole as I wait (im)patiently for the Tough Mudder to return; I’d feel too guilty otherwise – don’t go and watch, then inhale all his dinner. But if it’s much longer, no wife points for me.


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