carioca brixton

Carioca Brixton: A smug weekend brunch

Like most of the population I love a good brunch. On the one hand, I think it’s lovely at the weekend to wake up not hungover – the older I get the more I appreciate not having the pounding head, stuck-together mouth and vague sense of dread – the money spent, ridiculous things said, people offended, weekends gone – and the less fussed I am about missing huge drinking sessions.

carioca brixton

So part of the joy is jumping out of bed (well not quite, but comparatively speaking) and heading out for a wander, which Brixton is pretty good for. Last weekend we ended up at Carioca Brixton, a Brazilian cafe in the market which I’ve been meaning to drop into for ages Carioca means something related to or from Rio). I spent a couple of months in Brazil a few years ago and love being reminded of it – the smell of meat grilling on a sunny street by the beach is like heaven.

carioca brixton

As it happened Ian had a full English (which I didn’t even get round to taking photos of) and I had eggs Benedict – but it was all really good, and there was definitely something of the carnival about the atmosphere and décor, with it’s bright colours and friendly staff.

carioca brixton

The eggs dish was great, perfectly toasted muffin and lovely runny egg, with a yolk bright enough for me to briefly wonder if it was a posh one.  The hollandaise tasted home-made, with a slight lemony tang and nice smooth texture.  Great flat white too, not too milky if that makes sense.

They have a fairly hefty breakfast menu which includes all the classics as well as some Brazilian options, with the same kind of concept for the lunch/dinner options, so would be keen to try it for dinner at some point.

Afterwards we had a stroll through the funny old market where Ian amused himself with kids toys and I congratulated myself on being so grown up.  Roll on next weekend!

carioca brixton

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28 Market Row, Brixton 

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