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Milkshake Heaven with Mr Sherick’s

I first tried one of Mr Sherick’s shakes whilst hungover at an event by The Food Sauce. When you’re slightly shaky, a bit knackered and bloody starving, there is little better than a thick, sweet shake packed with creamy deliciousness and the added extra bonus of little bits of lovely brownie, meringue or biscuit. The good news is that they are equally good when fresh and sober, as I discovered this week.

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Vegetarian for a week #2

What a good few days! As a card carrying carnivore, this was an interesting one, but a week with no meat has been much easier than expected, and actually really good at times.

Minus one annoying dinner at Blacklock where even the chips are not veggie (beef dripping, mmmm..) and I had half a sweet potato and some kale, I’ve done work dinners, cooking, snacking and food tours (part of my job) with no real problem.

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Sausage, squash & sage frittata

An easy seasonal frittata that’s chunky, meaty and will keep you full til lunch. (Or whatever the next meal is..)

Eggs are such a staple, I really don’t think I could have an egg-free week. Not that there’d be any reason to, I just don’t think I could say that about many other foods. It is unlikely to have escaped your notice that it is no longer summer, and has in fact been raining for the last 3 months or so. So it’s time to stop with the salads and BBQs (unless there’s a shortrib involved, and some kimchee…mmmmmm, Foxlow memories) and get a move on with some lovely autumnal munches.

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Love Food Hate Waste: Use Your Loaf

We are all guilty of throwing away food – following a fridge audit in our house, it’s often some slimy bits at the bottom of a bag of salad leaves, ancient half- jars of condiments and mouldy bits of bread. It seems this is not just us, as according to Love Food Hate Waste 24 million slices of bread are chucked every day in the UK.  Their new campaign ‘Use Your Loaf’ aims to make us all aware of this ridiculous figure, and provide solutions to stop the wastage.

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Easy breakfast egg pots

If you’re doing any kind of low-carb or other diet, you’ve probably seen recipes for breakfast egg muffins or something similar, where you make a pot out of bacon or smoked salmon, fill it with eggs and bake, for a simple but healthy and filling breakfast. These are a great idea, especially if you’re watching what you’re eating, but at the weekend I just wanted bread. Fresh, crunchy rolls, ideally with some kind of egg concoction, so the bread version was born! Continue reading Easy breakfast egg pots

Butternut Squash Dauphinoise

Potatoes. Cream. Garlic. Slow-cooked comforting gorgeousness. What’s not to love? Dauphinoise is one of my favourite dishes ever, i adore it with steak, sausages. It’s the ideal side dish, adding rich creaminess to juicy meat and making everything on the plate super-indulgent. I know it’s still technically summer but following a crappy day last week I had a craving, but decided to experiment (read: tried to kid myself that this version is healthier). Enter butternut squash dauphinoise.

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A total veg-fest

Following a fortnight in Italy, a boozy week and then even boozier weekend at the Standon Calling festival where all I ate was pancakes, ribs and curry, as delicious as all of that was I was seriously in need of some veggie time yesterday. Good job then that my day job required a visit to luxury fruiterers Mash, at their brand spanking new warehouse in West London.


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