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Boneyard: Shoreditch

I’m going through a serious rib phase… I never used to like them as thought they were always chewy and stringy, with hardly any meat, just bone and fat. Since being educated by the Foxlow shortrib a while back, I seem to be ordering them more and more, and was very happy to be invited to Boneyard to feast on some of theirs.

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Lima Floral & the Crees Foundation: a tasty partnership

Who doesn’t love a Peruvian restaurant? Big fresh flavours, bright colours and creative combinations, it’s high on my list on favourite cuisines. A huge fan of Covent Garden’s Lima Floral since it opened, I was more than happy to drop by and sample a brand new dish, created with saving the Amazon in mind.

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Dishoom: Carnaby Street

I love Dishoom. I practically work above the newest outpost and waited patiently for what felt like years for it to open.  During the soft launch period I was SWAMPED with work (sod’s law) and never made it down there for 50% off before the mobs arrived each day – I’m very temperamental with queuing for a table, even if it is for lush, juicy Indian treats.

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Dinner by the river: Swan at the Globe

I haven’t been to The Globe Theatre since a school trip circa 1996, and from what I remember it mostly involved walking around in the rain for a good 7 hours, and then standing knackered and soaked in the theatre for what seemed like another couple of days. While my 12 year old self only seems to have retained the negatives, my 30 year old self was very happy to go back and spend some time there, namely in the beautiful adjoining restaurant, Swan at the Globe, with my old friend Emily. 

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A Weekend in the New Forest

In the spirit of being over 30, we had a last-minute change of heart re attending a Halloween rave in Hackney last weekend, and instead decided to go for a country adventure in the New Forest. A random choice perhaps, but it’s near enough to London to go for one night and I’ve heard great things form various people – plus the weather looked great. So the bikes were chucked in the back of the car, we grabbed all manner of sweets and snacks and off we went.

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On The Bab: Covent Garden

On The Bab opened just after I stopped working in Covent Garden, which was unfortunate timing as I love a bit of Korean and always looking for a nice casual lunch spot that’s not too expensive. I wondered past yesterday and thought why not – a quick couple of snacks with my sis to keep us locked up til dinner.

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The London Restaurant Festival: #RestaurantHopping

In the past I’ve found the London Restaurant Festival a little overwhelming.. ridiculous I know but there’s so much going on, offers, events and tours and being someone who struggles with the smallest decisions, it all seemed too much. Until this year that is!

I was invited by the lovely Sheepa at Zomato (also of Food That Makes You Smile) to experience one of the restaurant tours that are arranged by the LRF, with the aim of #RestaurantHopping – experiencing a variety of venues with a small dish and a drink in each, around the same area. It’s a great way to go to places you may never have been, and tick 6 restaurants off the list in one night.

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Smack Lobster Roll: handy lunch in Soho

The interestingly named Smack Lobster Roll is the little sister of Burger & Lobster, opened in 2011 by the Goodman Group and one of the front runners of the (almost) single-concept restaurant. Smack, nestled on the Chinatown end of Dean Street, is sans burger and has a nice little menu of five rolls and four salads, with a chowder side option, all lobster based.

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Pizza Pilgrims – a grave responsibility

It’s not often I respond to an email with a shrill screech, leaping up and scrabbling around in my overstuffed handbag for my diary in order to get a particular date in as quickly as possible before the offer dissipates into thin air. Yet this was the response to the invitation from the lovely Alexandra at Zomato to come along to Pizza Pilgrims in Soho to test out the contenders for October’s Pizza of the Month, with lots of other lovely bloggers. I’ve been a fan of Pizza Pilgrims for ages, brothers James and Thom Elliot make proper Naples-style pizzas with chewy bases and masses of topping – far preferable to the thinner Roman-style in my opinion.

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