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A Weekend in the New Forest

In the spirit of being over 30, we had a last-minute change of heart re attending a Halloween rave in Hackney last weekend, and instead decided to go for a country adventure in the New Forest. A random choice perhaps, but it’s near enough to London to go for one night and I’ve heard great things form various people – plus the weather looked great. So the bikes were chucked in the back of the car, we grabbed all manner of sweets and snacks and off we went.

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Our Italian honeymoon I: The North

Having got married at the beginning of July (my excuse for recent blog-neglect), and following weeks of wedding obsession and constant attention to detail (not necessarily my forte), once it was over I was extremely pleased to down tools and head off to Italy.  A 16 day extravaganza of hot sun, beautiful cities and beaches, and above all cheese, wine, pasta and anything else in sight that I could consume. Oh, and spending time with new hubby..


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There is no Ebola in The Gambia!

When I realised a few months back that I had 10 days holiday to use up between January and April, winter sun was the obvious answer. But where to go? Where is hot in March? Turns out the best options are Dubai (doesn’t really appeal), Egypt (lovely but been before) and The Gambia… Well, why not?After fielding my mum’s concerns about Ebola (they haven’t had any cases at all) we went for it, not really knowing what to expect. After a quick eyeball scan on arrival at Banjul airport, on we went to our hotel.
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