Gravy-soaked everything at Dip & Flip

I’ve never bought into the dry January/detox thing – what a rubbish time to do it! I had a boss a few years ago, a lovely guy called Roger, and he always did dry February instead, on the basis that January is miserable enough already without the bleak prospect of lentils and no booze. It’s something that’s kind of stuck with me, and in that spirit ( albeit in early Feb) me and Ian headed off to Dip & Flip in Brixton, home of meat, gravy and other lovely things.


We turned up about 8pm on a Friday night, it was fairly empty, but that’s January I guess. Meant we got lots of attention at least.  We kicked off with cocktails, as usual I can’t remember what they were called, but one was a mojito with beer! Was actually really nice and refreshing. I had one with a really smokey bourbon and mint sauce! Also very good.

dip and flip brixton

We kicked off with some wings.  Good, but weeny. Great blue cheese dip though,  and they had a nice kick.

dip and flip brixton

We both went for the lamb roll, me with garlic mayo and Ian with mint sauce – I’m not really a fan of mint sauce, except it seems in cocktails, as above. Weird I know.

The rolls were lovely, such juicy meat and perfect bread. So fussy about bread, that’s why I don’t get burgers very often, but this was lovely. Just chewy enough and not sweet.

dip and flip brixton

The gravy itself it rich and meaty, and really smooth. You get a trough of it on the side to dip any untouched meat or bread into. Excellent idea, saves me looking like a pie when I inevitably ask for it anyway.

Chips were soggy, understandably as they too were drenched in gravy. And cheese. *drools at the memory*.

dip and flip brixton

(We did order it like this, I am not complaining at all. It was heavenly).

Our waiter was great, the only thing I’d say is that as it got busier later on we did wait a *really* long time for him to come back every time we asked for something.  But there didn’t seem to be many staff about, and it was nearly full by 10ish. Maybe they weren’t expecting too be busy. A small issue in an otherwise very satisfying evening at Dip & Flip. *Especially recommended on a hangover!

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