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Milkshake Heaven with Mr Sherick’s

I first tried one of Mr Sherick’s shakes whilst hungover at an event by The Food Sauce. When you’re slightly shaky, a bit knackered and bloody starving, there is little better than a thick, sweet shake packed with creamy deliciousness and the added extra bonus of little bits of lovely brownie, meringue or biscuit. The good news is that they are equally good when fresh and sober, as I discovered this week.

This is a milkshake¬†for grown ups. There’s no powdery-ness, because there’s no powder. They’re fresh, made with real ingredients and have the short shelf life you’d expect from fresh dairy products. It makes me feel weird when creamy things last ages – really unnatural.

mr sherick's

The line-up
  • Pot Au Choc – rich chocolate shake with belgian chocolate chips
  • A Hint of Mint – what it says on the tin
  • Cookies & Cream – creamy vanilla with soft cookie pieces
  • Strawberry Pavlova – strawberry shake with meringue
  • Choc Chip Latte – rich with light coffee flavour and chocolate chips

An impressive collection. The Choc Au Pot was my favourite, it’s so thick and rich, barely still a drink and more like a dessert. The chocolate pieces are soft and melt in your mouth, and it’s so chocolately! Sounds daft but there’s none of the milky insipidness I associate with this kind of drink. Delicious.


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They are calorific, but then if you were counting you probably wouldn’t pick it up anyway. I’d have one as a snack or dessert – everything in moderation, non?

mr shericks

Off the record they are also good with booze (hence the martini glasses) – the Pot Au Choc was lovely with a splash of spiced rum, and the Choc Chip Latte was complimented nicely with Kahlua. I think the Strawberry Pavlova would be nice with Pimm’s but I didn’t have any.. still, plenty of time to experiment further!

Lots more info here.


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