Sausage, squash & sage frittata

An easy seasonal frittata that’s chunky, meaty and will keep you full til lunch. (Or whatever the next meal is..)

Eggs are such a staple, I really don’t think I could have an egg-free week. Not that there’d be any reason to, I just don’t think I could say that about many other foods. It is unlikely to have escaped your notice that it is no longer summer, and has in fact been raining for the last 3 months or so. So it’s time to stop with the salads and BBQs (unless there’s a shortrib involved, and some kimchee…mmmmmm, Foxlow memories) and get a move on with some lovely autumnal munches.


This is an autumn-ed up version of the age-old frittata, which is a great way of using up things in the fridge in a vaguely healthy and totally delicious way. Ok it could definitely be more healthy but this is what weekends are for, right?

What you need to serve 2 generously with some leftovers:

  • 6 eggs
  • 6 decent sausages
  • Bit of whole milk
  • Handful of fresh sage leaves
  • 1/2 a small butternut squash, deseeded and diced
  • Bit of butter

Fry the sausages in a big pan, make sure they’re pretty much cooked through and got some nice brown crispiness. Throw the chopped sage leaves in too. Cook the butternut cubes, you can boil or steam, I prefer them roasted with a smidge of garlic oil – just make sure they’re cooked through as it would take forever to cook them in a frittata and probably wouldn’t even work. About 15 minutes in the oven.


Beat up the eggs with a splash of milk, salt and pepper, put the butternut cubes in the pan with the sausages and pour the egg mixture over the top. Turn the heat down and let it cook until it’s firm round the edge then pop it under the grill to finish off. It’s nice for it to still have a bit of wobble though, no one likes a dry frittata.


You can put cheese on top, maybe feta or strong cheddar, I just put a bit as it’s quite heavy already. Et voila! An unauthentic, unhealthy frittata that’s very delicious.


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