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Love Food Hate Waste: Use Your Loaf

We are all guilty of throwing away food – following a fridge audit in our house, it’s often some slimy bits at the bottom of a bag of salad leaves, ancient half- jars of condiments and mouldy bits of bread. It seems this is not just us, as according to Love Food Hate Waste 24 million slices of bread are chucked every day in the UK.  Their new campaign ‘Use Your Loaf’ aims to make us all aware of this ridiculous figure, and provide solutions to stop the wastage.

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Breads Etc: Clapham

Never a fan of big chainy coffee shops, I love a little independent place, and Breads Etcetera (aka The Ferm) on Clapham High Street is the ideal little spot for delicious breakfast, lunch or dinner.  They make all their own sourdough in the restaurant, and you go up and slice your own then toast it yourself at the table. Gimicky but fun, and it’s unlimited.


We kicked off with cappuccino and hot chocolate, and ordered various combinations of eggs and bacon, then went and helped ourselves to toast. You also get homemade butter and a choice of condiments from homemade jams and marmalades to peanut butter and Vegemite – I had a lovely pear, apple and vanilla jam, a nice little dessert after my eggs and bacon!

bread3 bread4

We were after poached eggs but instead they do soft-boiled, which are perfectly cooked and a delight when the bright orange yolk is soaked up with the fresh bread. The bacon was crispy and had a good charred flavour from the grill.


Service is great, and the staff are all super-friendly.  I think it borders on the pricey side but I’d rather pay a bit more than have a sad little packet panini from Starbucks. They also do gorgeous-looking pizzas in the evening, and cocktails/beers too, so keen to go back in the evening. A fab little spot!

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