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Recipe: easy salted caramel

I saw a version of this on Eat Like A Girl (one of my favourite blogs) a few weeks ago and realised 1. it looked quite easy and 2. it might make a cheap Christmas present that had the ‘made with love’ factor that mums and suchlike enjoy.  So three days before the big day, here we go!


I needed four or five jars of caramel so started with 500g white granulated sugar, 100g butter and 150ml single cream. That’s it! (Although had to do a couple of batches). You slowly melt the sugar in a shallow pan over medium heat, being careful as it burns really easily which tastes horrible. When it’s caramel-coloured add in the butter and cream and stir it until it’s all combined.





To make it salted just add however much sea salt you like and keep tasting it, start with a teaspoon (best to let it cool though, I still can’t talk properly from severe tongue burns – it really does get stupidly hot).  Then pour into jars and voila! So easy. (But made with love, if my mum or any other recipients happen to be reading..)