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Sausage, squash & sage frittata

An easy seasonal frittata that’s chunky, meaty and will keep you full til lunch. (Or whatever the next meal is..)

Eggs are such a staple, I really don’t think I could have an egg-free week. Not that there’d be any reason to, I just don’t think I could say that about many other foods. It is unlikely to have escaped your notice that it is no longer summer, and has in fact been raining for the last 3 months or so. So it’s time to stop with the salads and BBQs (unless there’s a shortrib involved, and some kimchee…mmmmmm, Foxlow memories) and get a move on with some lovely autumnal munches.

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Butternut Squash Dauphinoise

Potatoes. Cream. Garlic. Slow-cooked comforting gorgeousness. What’s not to love? Dauphinoise is one of my favourite dishes ever, i adore it with steak, sausages. It’s the ideal side dish, adding rich creaminess to juicy meat and making everything on the plate super-indulgent. I know it’s still technically summer but following a crappy day last week I had a craving, but decided to experiment (read: tried to kid myself that this version is healthier). Enter butternut squash dauphinoise.

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