tg green tea

TG Green Tea

This week I was introduced to TG Green Tea, a range of teas and iced teas that launched last year with the aim of shaking up the healthy drinks market.

tg green tea

Founders Sophia and Hua aim to bring a modern take to an ancient tradition, by using fresh new flavours and stand-out packaging to attract those looking for something refreshing, but not packed with sugar and calories like so many drinks are.

tg green tea

I tried a range of tea bags and iced teas, with the tea bags made using real Chinese green tea. The weird thing is I’m  not much of a fan of English tea at all (much to everyone I know’s consternation) but this is earthy and fresh, and just generally much nicer. It’s also much less bitter than other green tea I’ve had.

tg green tea

The iced teas come with ginseng or mandarin and ginseng, and the third uses superfruit Jujube, used by the Chinese for centuries to maintain health and vitality. They are all refreshing but my favourite was the mandarin and ginseng – the slight orangey flavour adds interest and I like the extra fruitiness.

tg green teaKeep them chilled as they’e really delicious from the fridge. I’d be interested in destroying the health benefits by seeing how they’d work in cocktails, and maybe desserts. Although that will be for another post as it’s Monday and I’m on the wagon for a couple of days 🙂


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