Vegetarian for a week #2

What a good few days! As a card carrying carnivore, this was an interesting one, but a week with no meat has been much easier than expected, and actually really good at times.

Minus one annoying dinner at Blacklock where even the chips are not veggie (beef dripping, mmmm..) and I had half a sweet potato and some kale, I’ve done work dinners, cooking, snacking and food tours (part of my job) with no real problem.

Highlights included:

The ‘Portobello Dig It Burger’ at Patty & Bun, which comes drenched in garlic parsley butter and cheese sauce, with coleslaw, lettuce and tarragon mayo (main pic).  You don’t feel like the veg option is an afterthought as all the lovely sauces mean you barely miss the meat.


The only problem in Patty & Bun is that I had to miss the chicken skin mayo – it looked amazing – a perfect wobble and meaty smell.. going back next week!


I had a work lunch at Arabica in Borough Market – I’ve been there a few times and the grilled meat is fab, but it was good to focus on the various other aspects of the menu. The best thing for me was the man’ousheh, a very thin, light flatbread with courgettes, chilli, cheese and herbs, with a dusting of lemon zest making it really fresh. Delicious.

The week also included a Ted’s Veg trip, my favourite stall in Borough Market, where we spent a silly amount on things which are mostly still in the fridge. The trip also involved a £16 mushroom haul (well worth it) and a round of Epoisses – very pungent unpasteurised cow’s milk cheese that you can currently pretty much smell on entering the house. It was excellent in the subsequent mac and cheese though, which incidentally was probably the best part of being vegetarian.

40 Maltby Street’s girolles on crostini with goat’s curd another lovely highlight.


I know I’m not a proper veggie, and I’m not sure I could commit for life, but the week’s definitely been an eye-opener in terms of menu items I wouldn’t normally have, and generally not feeling full to bursting after every meal, which being generally a bit greedy, is often the case when I eat out. I will definitely be more open-minded about varying what I eat, and remember that meatless meals are not, in fact, pointless and boring as sin. Who knew.

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